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Australia’s “Strange Fruit” Makes Norfolk Swoon!

Australia’s “Strange Fruit” Makes Norfolk Swoon!

In this Playground feature, Hampton Roads Social stumbles upon a whimsical and thrilling performance held at dusk on a patch of grass in downtown Norfolk… for free!

It is the magical performance by “Strange Fruit,” the internationally acclaimed troupe from Australia.

The artists in the performance called “Swoon” perch themselves on high, flexible poles culminating in a spectacular fusion of theater, dance, and circus, all the while swaying to a soundtrack that romps from Mozart to swing.

—“Like living statues soaring between heaven and earth, their heads in the sky, hearts close to the sun, producing brilliantly eclectic images that pay tribute to Michelangelo, Mary Poppins, and Magritte” (Nord Éclair, France).

Strange Fruit, presented by the Virginia Arts Festival performed from May 10-14.

Check out VIDEO produced by Hampton Roads Social


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