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RTAW The WALKERS (a zombie infested 5k run and obstacle course)

October 6

Greenbrier Farms
225 Sign Pine Rd Chesapeake, VA
6:00 PM


You will start at the gates that so far are keeping you safe, there you will see news reports of the end of times, the dead have come back to life and are eating the living, there is pandemonium and chaos everywhere. Your only chance is to make a run for it and get back to the End Of Times Bar and Grill where a medical group is selling the cure! (and zombie fare, sodas, beer and wine) There will be mazes where a wrong turn will land you smack dab in the middle of a zombie den, zombie infested creeks to cross, windows and walls to climb through, around and over, a blood and guts filled pit to crawl through and plenty of brain eating zombies to escape from!


All participants must raise $25 in addition to the $25 registration fee to participate. All donations will benefit the Ride to a Wish Foundation.
Registration Closing Date
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 PST
Click here to register:
Click here for more information about Ride to Wish


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